Stream for All Animals: To the Rescue hopes to raise money for Humane Society

Stream for All Animals: To the Rescue Humane Society of the United States

Dozens of streamers are coming together to fundraise in support of the Humane Society of the United States. The fundraising initiative, Stream for All Animals: To the Rescue, runs August 14 through August 28 on Twitch.

This is Humane Society’s second iteration of the event. Notable participants include FistofTheWalrus, imelissa, Danica Rockwood, ilysuiteheart, rlly, Standard Damage, and Nos_Love.

“The enthusiasm and passion of our first set of streamers demonstrates that compassion for animals abounds,” says Austin Vitaliano, co-creator of Stream for All Animals at the Humane Society.

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“Most streamers in our community are animal lovers, which means their pets are often alongside them on stream. And I think their audiences love this since they have similar passions to the influencers they follow,” Vitaliano adds.

Visit the campaign page to register to stream, donate, or simply to learn more about the event and the organization.

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