Street Supremacy Ships to Stores

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Konami Digital Entertainment today announced that Street Supremacy for the PlayStation Portable has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Redefining the traditional street racing game, Street Supremacy features a unique wireless multi-player battle, customizable licensed vehicles and the use of Spirit Points, making this RPG-style team-based title a must-have for PSP system and racing fans alike.

Developed by Genki, Street Supremacy steps away from conventional racing by utilizing Spirit Points to determine the winner instead of traditional first, second and third place categories. To be victorious and increase team loyalty, recruit other drivers and dominate the streets, players compete to deplete their rivals’ Sprint Points. Points are depleted as drivers force their competition to run into walls, other cars or fall behind other racers — doing whatever it takes to win. There are no points for second place in this street racing game!

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