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Sunday Paper: August 14th, 2005

The following discounts are good through next Sunday. They can be found in the South Bend Tribune Sunday Edition, and are only guaranteed to be valid in the greater South Bend area, although most are national retailers and are likely to offer the same offers in other municipalities:

Circuit City

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-$59.99 Xbox Live Starter Kit
-$39.99 each: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PSP), Need for Speed Underground Rivals (PSP), and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (PSP)
-$34.99 PSP Battery Pack
-$12.99 each: Riddick (UMD) and The Fast and the Furious (UMD)
-$9.99 Dungeon Siege


-$29.99 each: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (GCN) and Ghost Recon 2 (Xbox)
-$24.99 Dragon Ball Z: GT Transformation

Toys R Us

-$19.99 Wireless Xbox Live EA Sports Controller w/ purchase of Madden 06 or NCAA 06
-$9.99 GCN or PS2 EA Sports Wireless Controller w/ purchase of Madden 06 or NCAA 06


-$29.99 PNY 512MB SD memory card


-$25.88 Mad Catz Wireless Controller for PS2 or Xbox

Best Buy

-$99.99 SanDisk 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Gaming Card
-$99.90 Game Boy Advance SP (Cobalt) w/ Metroid: Zero Mission and Final Fantasy Tactics
-$29.99 each: Rome: Total War (PC), Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! (PC), and Stronghold (PC)
-$19.99 Brothers in Arms (PC)