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Super Arcade Football is available now on Nintendo Switch

Super Arcade Football

With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, there are now three platforms on which you may play against others via crossplay.

Year after year, the releases of FIFA and PES, which will now be known as eFootball, soccer games are always surpassing themselves in the simulation section, which has turned their most arcade game modes, such as Fifa’s Ultimate Team or PES’s MyClub (eFootball), into something that is no longer so arcade. Only soccer fans and many non-football players are sometimes seeking for something entertaining, amusing, and arcade to pass the time, which Super Arcade Football has accomplished in PC, mobile and now, will accomplish in Nintendo Switch.

OutOfTheBit has announced the release of a Nintendo Switch version of Super Arcade Football, after its debut on PC and mobile. Players will have a hat trick of platforms to select from as they enjoy the fast-paced, modern twist on traditional football games across Steam, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices with this latest release.

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Arcade Football at its best.

Super Arcade Football transports players to a simpler time, with short matches for up to four people to enjoy couch co-op local play or matches versus the CPU. In addition to fast battles, players may enjoy a complete Story Mode based in the same universe as OutOfTheBit’s breakout hit Super Arcade Racing.

Weather can change the match environment.

Custom tournaments with a variety of pitches, weather conditions, and other variables are as much fun to play as they are to win. Match modifiers keep players on their toes and may be as simple as adjusting the size of the goal and game pace, or as terrifying as damaging meteors and slick oil, so beware, since each match is affected differently by the environment.

The game’ music was created by Barry Leitch, who has worked on titles such as Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Horizon Chase Turbo, thus vintage gaming lovers will like the soundtracks. Super Arcade Football is currently available at a 50% discount on the Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on PC via Steam and on mobile devices.

Watch the game launch trailer here on Game Freaks 365.