Super Epic: The Entertainment War
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Super Epic: The Entertainment War physical pre-orders open soon

Super Epic: The Entertainment War

A Metroidvania action-adventure with gorgeous pixel art.

Physical editions of Super Epic: The Entertainment War are coming shortly to the Strictly Limited Games and Gamesrocket stores for pre-order. That’s according to Strictly Limited Games, Numskull Games, and Undercoders. With heaps of 2D combo-based fighting and lots of humor, we’ll play as a raccoon and a llama on a mission to defend video games as we know and love them in Super Epic: The Entertainment War.

A 2D Metroidvania

Super Epic: The Entertainment War contains the highest-quality components. A big linked environment to explore and unlock, customizable action combat gameplay, and an in-game economy-based upgrade system with a large number of weapons and skills to unlock and upgrade.

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This independent treasure is nicely matched with Strictly Limited Games’ beliefs and is a great addition to their membership store, with its satirical take on video game conglomerates, abusive microtransactions, and the crucial preservation of video games.

Special Limited Editions

Only 500 Switch and 300 PS4 copies are available via Strictly Limited Games’ online store for $29.99. But it’s the Special Limited Edition that matters here. This edition will be limited to 700 Switch and 500 PS4 units and will cost $49.99.

Super Epic: The Entertainment War

It will include the following:

  • Magnetic closure on a set of enameled character pins.
  • Die-cut character sticker set with the game’s original soundtrack
  • With the game handbook, there is an art booklet.
  • Box with a special limited edition

Super Epic: The Entertainment War is coming for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as a boxed Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition, with pre-orders starting on March 10.

Watch the game trailer down below!