Super Mario 3DS Set for Late 2011 Release

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The Nintendo 3DS launch lacked virtually every major franchise in the company’s impressive collection. Zelda, Metroid and Mario were absent, as were less notable franchises like Kirby, Pikmin and Star Fox. At least three of these franchises will have a presence on the Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year: Star Fox, Zelda and Mario.

Star Fox will be a port of Star Fox 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will also be brought over from the N64. Mario will be the only franchise that will receive a brand new adventure this year on the 3DS. Unlike recent Mario games on Nintendo’s handhelds, Super Mario 3DS is expected to be a 3D rather than a 2D sidescroller.

Famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto told Edge magazine that Super Mario 3DS will be “a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64. It won’t convey the message if I talk to you today, but if you play it at E3, that will give you more understanding of what I’m talking about.”

Miyamoto went on to discuss the game’s logo, which has a tail attached to the “o” in Mario, just like it did in Super Mario Bros. 3, where players could use a raccoon suit. “The tail you mentioned on the logo – it’s what you think it is,” Miyamoto said. “You probably know what’s going to happen using that character.”

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