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Super Mario Kart Review

Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: N/A Also On: None

Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64 has been a long-time favorite. The Gamecube interpretation of the game is also being looked forward to as much as the past ones, probably more. The Super Nintendo version of the game was the first of the series and was released in 1993 by Nintendo. Today we look back on this landmark racing title as a “kid-friendly” NASCAR game with green and red turtle shells. Mario Kart being a NASCAR game is like chocolate being vanilla. Yes, they are both in the same genre, but they are both TOTALLY different things. Super Mario Kart is to “kiddy” racing as F-Zero is to adult racing for the SNES.

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Super Mario Kart includes eight characters, all of which are Nintendo franchise favorites. This list includes Mario (he’s in the title so he is in the game obviously), Donkey Kong Jr., Princess, Yoshi, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, and Koopa Troopa. The game itself is too 2D for me. In other words, the game is almost as if it was paper, but this isn’t Paper Mario my friends. You can use items such as turtle shells, lightning, and bananas to disrupt your competitors and give your character an advantage.

Throughout the game you have many choices. You can either play in the single player tournament or you can plug in an extra SNES controller and play with your best friend! In single player, you can participate in the 50cc or the 100cc. Inside of these you can play the Mushroom Cup (easy), Flower Cup (medium), or Star Cup (hard). In each cup there are a total of five races.

The sound is decent for the time also. You can hear things, such as the vroom of the kart you are driving or the slip of your tires on a banana peel. I found Super Mario Kart for the SNES a pleasure to play, especially for kids. It is cute and fun at the same time! I recommend that you pick this up at your local electronic store’s “used” section today!

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Creativity: 8.5
Replay Value/Game Length: 9
Final: 8.5
Written by Kyle Review Guide