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Super Nintendo PlayStation prototype to be auctioned

Mats Lindh / Flickr

Sony recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation. But did you know that the real original PlayStation was a Super Nintendo prototype? That prototype is going to be up for sale.

First, some background:

The original PlayStation prototype was a partnership between Nintendo and Sony. The concept behind the system was to be able to play both SNES carts and high-storage CD-ROMs. The project fell through, Sony went on to release the PlayStation as its own standalone device, and the rest is history.

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Fast forward to 2019: auctioneer Heritage Auctions is working with the owner of the last known build of that prototype. The system will be auctioned off in February, and it’s expected to go for a lot of money.

How did the owner come into possession of such a rare item in the first place? Kotaku reports:

In 2009, a man named Terry Diebold unknowingly bought the incredibly rare prototype at auction, in a lot of abandoned property from a former Sony executive. In 2015, his son rediscovered the machine in the family attic, which caused a great stir in the game collecting, preservation, and historical communities. Since then, Diebold and his son have toured the “Nintendo Play Station” around the world to many classic gaming expos and other venues, building up its reputation as the ne plus ultra of classic gaming collectibles. Now he’s ready to let it go and pocket the cash.

So there you have it. A piece of gaming history will soon be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now excuse me while I go crack my piggy bank.

How much would you pay to get your hands on the SNES PlayStation prototype? Comment below!