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Super People final beta includes tournament with 75K prize pool

Super People final beta includes tournament with 75K prize pool

The battle royale shooter Super People is hosting a Super Tournament with a big prize pool for the winning team.

South Korean developer Wonder People has announced that their upcoming battle royale shooter Super People is running its final beta test this month. In addition, there’s a Super Tournament where a prize pool of $75,000 awaits the final team left standing each day.

The Wonder People team has just revealed the schedule for the beta test. Super People‘s final beta test is set to run from August 17th to 31st. The FBT and Super Tournament are open to all players who join. Tournaments will open every day, and players are required to form duos to complete.

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You can check your Tournament region in the bottom right of the game lobby. Ending times may vary slightly by Tournament match. For the first three days of the final beta, players of all levels are welcome to participate. From the fourth day on, players level 7 and higher can participate.

Tournaments will consist of qualifiers, group stages, and finals. Players will obtain seed points by participating in the tournament matches, and the accumulated number of seed points will determine who makes it through to the next round. A maximum daily prize pool of $75,000 will be up for grabs across all regions each day with the total amount varying according to the number of participants. The duo who comes first in the final round will be declared the final winners and take home the prize.

The Super People FBT opens beginning on August 17th and concludes on August 31st. You can pre-download the game starting on August 11th at 10 PM Pacific Time. Ahead of the beta, Super People is holding a giveaway event with exciting prizes such as a GPU, a computer mouse, and custom hoodies on their Gleam.i.o event page.