Super Smash, Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin Sequels

In the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, in an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the possibility of a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo DS title, Luigi’s Mansion, and Pikmin sequel were all brought up. Here’s the short exchange:

EGM: We know Smash Bros. is coming to the Revolution, but what about the DS?

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Miyamoto: We’re thinking about it.

EGM: What about Luigi’s Mansion? Is that series over, or will we ever see another?

Miyamoto: The [director] often says, “Make another one!” And I want to use Luigi again.

EGM: Any chance we’ll see another Pikmin?

Miyamoto: Nothing’s set in stone yet, but the interface we’re creating for the Revolution is well-suited for Pikmin – I think it would be a good match.

For the full Miyamoto interview, check out Electronic Gaming Monthly’s September 2005 Issue 195. We’ll have more details if these titles become a reality.

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