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Superliminal multiplayer mode receives a bunch of updates

Superliminal Battle Royale

A game mode that was made as a joke has received constant updates and improvements.

Pillow Castle Games has stated that its multiplayer Battle Royale mode for Superliminal will continue to receive adjustments as a result of the unexpected support for this limited-time game mode that arrived with the recent seasonal update. The game makers also informed gamers that this new option is accessible just during the Christmas season.

A mind-blowing puzzle game

Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game that employs perception as a mechanism. You take on the role of someone who awakens from a very vivid dream. Certain patterns and realities emerge as you solve puzzles to progress to the next exit. This is a game about challenging yourself and thinking outside of the box.

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A strange but fun game mode

This season update, which not only came as a surprise to fans but also to the developers, offers a fun method to play this forced perspective puzzle game. This unique multiplayer game option, with undertones of a Battle Royale, will pit up to 12 players against each other in a race to the end via a succession of randomly created chambers full of strange obstacles, all while being watched over by the Standard Orientation Protocol.

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Since its release, this game mode has undergone over ten distinct upgrades, which not only improve the technical aspects of the game mode but also improve the gameplay experience owing to additional material introduced just for this multiplayer game mode.

Superliminal is available for consoles and PC via Steam. Celebrating the success of this seasonal update, Pillow Castle Games is offering a 40% discount on the game, which will be available until December 1st for $11.99.

Watch the anniversary announcement trailer down below!