Survival Cup 2: Twitch Rivals event based on Squid Game has a 100K prize pool

The second edition of this event aims to unite the English and Spanish-speaking communities.

Although here in the US we are not used to Twitch Rivals events being big events that involve the community, in the Spanish community it is completely different. Twitch in the last three years has invested large amounts of money in Twitch Rivals, and one of the most important events that have emerged from the Spanish community has been the Squid Craft Games (Survival Cup 1).

Eufonia Studios, the team that produced the Squid Craft Games last year, has partnered with Twitch to create the second edition of the event: Survival Cup 2. The event that will unite the Spanish and English-speaking communities is a Minecraft event that recreates the theme behind the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Squid Game. And, best of all, it has a $100K prize pool!

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One of the biggest Twitch Rivals events to date

When we think of Twitch Rivals or Twitch events, not everyone thinks of Minecraft first. This is what motivated Eufonia Studio to create this project last year. The Survival Cup 1 (formerly known as Squid Craft Games) was based on the award-winning Netflix series Squid Game. Many of the games we saw in the series were present at the event, as well as many more well-known games from Hispanic countries.

Survival Cup 2 screenshot

It was such a success that at the end of the event there was a record number of people watching a Minecraft live stream globally with over 1.2 million people. Therefore, Twitch Rivals did not hesitate for a second to fully sponsor a second edition of the event. But both Eufonia Studios and Twitch sought to push the boundaries and mix streamers from both the English and Spanish communities.

As you can imagine, the biggest Twitch streamers from both platforms will be present at the event. XQC, Amouranth, Dream, KarlJacobs, TFue, TheGrefg, Ibai, Auronplay, Rubius, and many bigger streamers will be at the event. 200 people will be fighting until the end for a $100K prize pool!

All the action will take place from today until Sunday in 6 hard-fought days full of trials, betrayals, and much more to win. With events like this, Twitch will be able to bring both communities closer and closer together, which will allow for ambitious events like this one and many more gigantic ones! If you don’t know the event yet, what are you waiting for? Join the stream of one of the great English streamers that will be part of the event and enjoy this incredible Twitch Rivals.