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Swap Video Games

There’s a new way to get games. SwapSimple has e-mailed me, requesting to inform the gaming public of their existence. You can swap various items – books, DVD’s, games with other members from their site. Full details can be found on their website, which I invite you to visit. Here’s a quick idea of the service:

You create a free personal exchange account – the process takes about 2
minutes total. You then list the items you no longer need (the items
you wish to exchange). IMMEDIATELY upon listing your items, we award
you Trade Credits equal to the current market value of your items. You
are then immediately able to use your Trade Credits to order any other
items listed by other SwapSimple users all across the country. All
Trade Credits are interchangeable, meaning you can list DVDs, and use
your trade credits to order video games – or any other combination that
suits your needs. All remaining Trade Credits are left in your account
for future use. Because we award Trade Credits up front – before the
you have to mail your items to another user – we ask that you back up
your listed items with a credit card, so that you can’t list a whole
bunch of fake items and then use your instant Trade Credits.

Disclosure: We may earn a commission from links on this page

When another SwapSimple user orders one of your listed items, we provide
fully prepaid mailing labels that you print out at home on regular
paper, so that you can ship your listed items to other SwapSimple users
for FREE – and error free, and all with tracking.

When you order an item using your trade credits, all you need to pay is
the actual shipping cost (we make no money on shipping and sell it at
actual cost to keep the price as low as possible ) plus a $2 SwapSimple
service fee. This means that you can get any book, dvd, or video game
you want – no matter how much they are actually worth, for a total cost
of around $3. This is why students like us so much because they can get
$200 textbooks for $3.