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Syndrome is coming to Switch this month


Soon you will be able to live this survival horror game set in an abandoned spaceship.

Camel 101 and Red Deer Games have announced that their new game, Syndrome, will be released on Switch in March. Syndrome, a game inspired by Alien: Isolation, will keep your nerves on edge as you fight to live on a derelict starship in the middle of space.

Although we reported in January on Game Freaks 365 that the game would be launched on both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, the Switch will be the first to receive it. As previously stated, after a long cryosleep, we shall awaken aboard Valkenburg, Novacore’s most advanced research space station.

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Do everything you can to survive!


Will the ship be empty when we wake up, or will it be full? Something from the abyss of space is abducting and killing the people aboard the spacecraft, and something from the abyss of space is always on the watch, according to a voice on the communicator.

This game will be a huge mental test for you because it will force you to fight your ideas at every turn through sounds, movements, shadows, and more. Something we haven’t seen in the genre in a long time, but which will undoubtedly set this game apart from the competition.

Syndrome will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 11.

Watch the new trailer down below.