Frostpunk: The Board Game blows past Kickstarter goal within 54 minutes

Fans must really want to get their hands on Frostpunk: The Board Game. The tabletop adaptation of the survival city-builder was fully funded on Kickstarter within an hour. “It took exactly 54 minutes to reach the initial 200,000 Euro goal once the Kickstarter launched earlier today,” developer 11 Bit Studios announced. “In the upcoming days, … Read more

Frostpunk is getting a board game

The best-selling survival city-builder game Frostpunk is officially getting a board game. Frostpunk: The Board Game is a collaboration between 11 Bit Studios and the Glass Cannon Unplugged, a new tabletop game studio. The board game will provide “tough moral choices, challenging and strategic gameplay, emotion-driven narrative, and snow.” Okay, maybe not real snow. Leading the … Read more