Fall of Porcupine Review

In this review of Fall of Porcupine, we will consider its main strengths and weaknesses and analyze various aspects of the game to form a conclusion to decide whether it’s worth playing or not. Developed by Critical Rabbit and published by Assembly Games, Fall of Porcupine is a story-rich game about healthcare workers. It chronicles … Read more

Super Catboy demo now available on Steam

A modernized ’90s platformer? This is what Pixelgogo offers us with its new demo of Super Catboy. Assemble Entertainment and Pixelgogo announced today that a fun-filled demo of their new game, Super Catboy, is available now at the Steam Next Fest. The news was revealed by a unique teaser that portrays the fun of this … Read more

Cyberpunk point-and-click adventure Encodya launches on consoles

Explore the 2.5D dark cyberpunk world of Encodya with Tina and SAM-53 as they embark on an incredible adventure. Encodya, a new point-and-click adventure developed by Chaosmonger Studio in conjunction with Assemble Entertainment, is now available for consoles. A cyberpunk dystopia world with cute graphics Encodya tells the story of an orphaned child in Neo-Berlin … Read more

Itorah is a Mesoamerican action platformer coming to Steam Next Fest

The new Mesoamerican-inspired action platformer Itorah will debut its demo showcasing a vivid, hand-painted 2D title with Metroidvania elements. Assemble Entertainment and Grimbart Tales announced today that their next project, Itorah, would launch a new playable demo at the Steam Next Fest. Itorah is a vibrant, hand-painted 2D platformer with streamlined Metroidvania features inspired by … Read more

Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey is coming next month

Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey‘s release date is now set. After having talked about the game previously here at Game Freaks 365, RobotPumpkin Games in collaboration with Assemble Entertainment has announced that their upcoming game, Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey, will be available this October on mobile devices and … Read more

Orbital Bullet Harvest Season update out now

The explosive and electrifying roguelike shooter Orbital Bullet has a new update out now. It’s called Harvest Season. Assemble Entertainment and SmokeStab, an indie developer, announced today the release of a new update to Orbital Bullet, SmokeStab’s new game that is presently available in Early Access on Steam. The Harvest Season update adds a ton … Read more

Xel is a gorgeous Zelda-inspired sci-fi indie game

Xel is a colorful sci-fi game featuring aspects of Nintendo’s legendary franchise, The Legend of Zelda. In Xel, you’ll explore a gorgeous and intriguing world with elements from other video game franchises. Players will traverse a rich, vivid world filled with beautiful but occasionally dangerous biomes where they will solve complicated puzzles, discover hidden dungeons, … Read more

Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey is coming this fall

Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey is a new sci-fi comedy coming this fall from RobotPumpkin Games. RobotPumpkin Games along with Assemble Entertainment announced their next title. This new project from the German development firm is a sci-fi adventure that matches interplanetary castaways against the hospitality of South Germany. With a structure similar … Read more

Shakes on a Plane lands on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Attention passengers! The frenetic co-op time management flight attendant simulator Shakes on a Plane lands today on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you like time management simulator games set in hospitals, restaurants, or even esports teams, you might want to try managing in the clouds. Yes, in the clouds! All of this is now possible … Read more