LEGO Atari 2600 set celebrates Atari’s 50th anniversary

Lego Atari 2600

Another classic console is set to join the LEGO family. We always talk about the importance of Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and even Xbox to the industry. But really, it’s companies like Atari, Magnavox, Commodore, and more that have created the foundations of the video game industry. Less than a month ago, Atari celebrated 50 years … Read more

Grizzland is about as old-school as modern video games get

The 8-bit and 16-bit video game ages are popular among indie developers who look to recreate games from a bygone era. Less common are games that mimic platforms like the Atari 2600. Grizzland opts for the latter. The game only features five colors and a resolution of 128×96 pixels, so it’s truly an old-school experience. … Read more