The Medium limited edition vinyl soundtrack announced

Featuring 18 tracks from renowned composers Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski, this vinyl transports listeners into The Medium. Bloober Team, in cooperation with Black Screen Records, announced this week the limited edition vinyl release of the music of the third-person psychological horror game, The Medium. Terror, suspense and good music Immerse yourself in the game’s … Read more

Risk of Rain 2 limited edition vinyl set announced, now available for pre-order

Black Screen Records and Hopoo Games have announced a limited edition vinyl set for the indie game Risk of Rain 2. The full soundtrack from composer Chris Christodoulou will be available on 180g ink-spot vinyl. The limited-edition set comes in a trifold sleeve with all-new original artwork illustrated by Italian artist Daniele Giardini. The roguelike … Read more