Why you should play Blasphemous if you like Elden Ring

Here are some reasons why you should play the brilliant Blasphemous if you like Elden Ring. While there are very distinct differences between the two games, there are elements in Blasphemous that will appeal to Elden Ring fans. What is Blasphemous? 2019’s Blasphemous is a Souls-like Metroidvania game with a retro art style. It’s a … Read more

Blasphemous sequel announced at Gamescom 2021

A Blasphemous sequel was confirmed today alongside new DLC. At Gamescom 2021, Team17 and The Game Kitchen announced the creation of a Blasphemous sequel. The new game is not expected to come out until 2023. “We’re so excited to finally announce that we’ve started work on a Blasphemous sequel,” the team at The Game Kitchen … Read more