Pokémon NFTs and metaverse? Pokémon Company hiring blockchain expert

Sad Pikachu

The Pokémon Company is apparently looking at blockchain technology. During the NFT boom, a lot of companies were against blockchain technology. One of these was Nintendo. But, after almost two years of this boom (and bust), Nintendo has attracted the attention of not only everything related to blockchain technology, but of the industry in general. … Read more

Mark Venturelli goes hard on NFTs, play to earn at International Games Festival

Mark Venturelli BIG 2022 NFTs presentation

The presentation of the Brazilian developer raised a lot of controversy inside and outside the event. Since the advent of the blockchain, video game developers have been analyzing how to introduce this technology into games. This decentralized technology is currently helping to ensure data security and economy on the Internet. But, in the last few … Read more

Haste Arcade offers play to earn with instant leaderboard payouts

Haste Arcade makes use of blockchain technology to allow gamers to profit from the things they already do. At CES 2022, Haste Arcade unveiled its new Instant Leaderboard Payout system, which rewards gamers who top the leaderboard within the arcade system using blockchain technology and micropayments. At this year’s CES, this start-up was a part … Read more

Yosuke Matsuda confirms Square Enix’s interest in NFTs and blockchain gaming

Square Enix joins the big video game companies that plan to bet on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology and the prospects it provides are piquing the interest of an increasing number of gaming firms. Although EA has been among the first to express interest, Ubisoft was the first to take the lead with Ghost Recon. Yesterday, … Read more

Zynga hires Matt Wolf as VP of blockchain gaming

Mobile publisher and developer Zynga, with the hiring of Matt Wolf as VP, seeks to reaffirm its intentions to enter blockchain gaming. Zynga has announced the hiring of Matt Wolf as Vice President of Blockchain Gaming. With experience in the world of video games, blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Matt Wolf’s inclusion looks to introduce … Read more

Mythical Games announces new partners for blockchain-based marketplace

Mythical Games plans to bring play-to-earn economics to games with three key developers. This week, Mythical Games revealed its first developer partners for its new Mythical platform. This innovative platform provides developers and businesses with a mechanism for creating or integrating playable blockchain-based economies into games, allowing players, content producers, and brands to gain a … Read more

MetalCore is an upcoming NFT mech game

MetalCore Foundation has revealed a new game, the eponymous MetalCore. It joins the list of promising blockchain-based video games. MetalCore Foundation, in conjunction with Studio 369, announced at @NFT.NYC a new blockchain-based game called MetalCore. This new NFT-powered title is a mechanized first-person combat game set in a vast, open world where players may engage in … Read more

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab submissions are now open

Ubisoft has opened submissions for the sixth season of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. The publisher of games like Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is looking to “work with startups with new and innovative ideas to explore how entertainment can have a productive impact on our lives.” According to Ubisoft: During its fifth season, … Read more