Boreal Tenebrae release date announced for Switch and Xbox consoles

Boreal Tenebrae

After so much waiting, the day has come to know when we will have this intriguing but wholesome game in our hands. For us here at Game Freaks 365, Boreal Tenebrae is a familiar title. After previously sharing this intriguing title for its similarities to classic PlayStation 1 titles, Red Deer Games in collaboration with … Read more

Boreal Tenebrae short film digs into the game’s dying town

While waiting for the release of Boreal Tenebrae, the developer has shared a short film on YouTube that makes use of the game’s polygonal aesthetic, which harkens back to the good old days of the PlayStation 1. Daniel Beaulieu, the creator of the game, directed and developed this new cinematic. It introduces you to the … Read more

Boreal Tenebrae coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Red Deer Games’ Boreal Tenebrae will take you on an exciting retro-style journey, complete with a mystery ambiance and scary themes. Red Deer Games is quickly establishing itself as a publisher of quirky small titles. Following the release of the charming Under Leaves and Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia to console, they are now behind the impending … Read more