Pilots of Darsalon is a new physics-based PC game with retro graphics

The developers at Dr. Kucho Games wanted to create a game with a Commodore 64 color palette and CRT scanlines. What they came up with is Pilots of Darsalon, a new physics-based arcade shooter. Out now for PC via Steam, Pilots of Darsalon comes from the indie studio Dr. Kucho Games. This is the same … Read more

Lode Runner Legacy coming to PS4 later this month

Tozai Games is bringing Lode Runner Legacy to the PS4 on January 29. The original Lode Runner was first released in 1983 for Apple II, Atari XL/XE, MSX, and Commodore 64. Its frantic and addictive gameplay helped to spawn countless sequels. The platforms include arcade, home console, handheld, mobile, and PC. Lode Runner Legacy updates … Read more