Relic Entertainment layoffs hit 121 employees

Sega and Relic Entertainment announced the layoffs. We got word today that another game studio was hit with layoffs. The Relic Entertainment layoffs affect 121 employees at its studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Relic Entertainment was founded way back in 1997. The studio is well known for its work on real-time strategy games on … Read more

Company of Heroes 3 shows a bit of the campaign in new dev diary

WWII will return in this new game of this legendary strategy franchise. After discussing the game and its pre-alpha peek here on Game Freaks, we bring you Relic Entertainment’s announcement of the new dev diary released earlier this week, in which we get a more in-depth look at what’s in store for Company of Heroes … Read more

Company of Heroes 3 announced, pre-alpha preview available now

Relic Entertainment, a Canadian strategy game studio, has revealed that one of the best RTS sagas based on World War II is coming back. That’s right. They just announced Company of Heroes 3! It’s a return that has taken longer than RTS fans would have preferred. Finally, Relic Entertainment has revealed Company of Heroes 3, … Read more