Best Comedic Video Games: Try these games for a good laugh

While many games in the industry have serious and grim themes, there are a lot of titles that are lighthearted and comedic. Games like that are a nice and welcome change. Here are ten great comedic video games. This list is not ranked in any particular order. Yakuza 0 While Yakuza 0’s main story is … Read more

Shadows Over Loathing launches on PC via Steam

It’s a surprise launch for Shadows Over Loathing. The stick-figure Loathing universe expands today with the surprise release of Shadows Over Loathing. Players can expect a horror-tinged comedy adventure RPG that transports you to the shady side of an already black-and-white world. Following five years of under-wraps development, this is the successor to 2017’s West of Loathing and … Read more

Slay the Princess is a dark comedy horror game

Slay the Princess is part psychological horror, dark comedy, and visual novel. It looks like a unique take on the genre. You’re tasked with slaying a princess before she can end the entire world, which is allegedly something she is going to do unless you manage to stop her. There’s a lot of branching in … Read more