Non-Racing Games with Excellent Driving Mechanics

These are some of the best non-racing games with excellent driving mechanics that are satisfying and fun. Keep in mind that these games may not meet your standards if you expect superb driving that’s similar to games like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon. Because these titles were never explicitly about driving, their mechanics may … Read more

Most Detailed Video Games

These are some of the most detailed video games available now. The included games contain details regarding the plot or mind-blowing visual effects. As you can probably guess, many of the entries on the list are modern titles because many older games didn’t have as many details as the newer ones. Red Dead Redemption 2 … Read more

8 Games that need sequels

Here are eight games that need sequels. These games are ones that players would love to experience for another time, bigger and better. All games on this list are seriously enjoyable experiences and I recommend playing each of them yourself if you haven’t already. 8. Bulletstorm Bulletstorm is an underrated action FPS game that was … Read more

Days Gone Steam Deck compatibility verified

Now you can take Days Gone on the go with you thanks to the Steam Deck. Sony’s Bend Studio has verified that the third-person survival zombie game Days Gone is now Steam Deck compatible. So now you can take your zombie-killing game sessions with you wherever you go. Here’s what the game’s Steam page says: … Read more

Days Gone PC (Steam) Review

Days Gone on Steam is a very competent port with lots of options to tailor to your PC. It’s a great game but still suffers from pacing issues, especially early on. It’s actually really great to see Sony willing to put more games on PC and this one in particular because I had never finished … Read more

Days Gone gameplay revealed on PC

Sony has released the first gameplay of Days Gone running on PC. “We are very excited to share our first look of Days Gone on PC with our features trailer,” said Bend Studio’s Kevin McAllister. “Catch a glimpse on what PC features you can expect to see when booting up Days Gone for the first … Read more

Days Gone PC enhancements include ultra-widescreen, unlocked frame rate

Bend Studio has revealed some of the new PC enhancements for their open-world zombie action-adventure game Days Gone. The studio previously confirmed that the PS4 exclusive was coming to PC, but they left out some key details. Now we know some more details about the game before its expected spring 2021 launch on PC. What’s … Read more

PlayStation Plus April 2021 lineup revealed

Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus lineup for April 2021. It includes Oddworld: Soulstorm and more. The PlayStation Plus PlayStation 5 games can only be played on PS5. However, PlayStation 4 games can be played on either PS4 or PS5. The lineup includes: PS5 Oddworld: Soulstorm PS4 Days Gone Zombie Army 4: Dead War Next … Read more

Days Gone is coming to PC

Sony’s Bend Studio announced today that the PS4 exclusive Days Gone is not exclusive for much longer. The zombie game is coming to PC. “Surprise. #DaysGone comes to PC this spring. Stay tuned for more details,” Sony Bend tweeted on Tuesday. Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror that came out back in 2019. The … Read more

PlayStation Now adds five games, including Days Gone, MediEvil, Friday the 13th

Five new games have been added to Sony’s game streaming and download service PlayStation Now. Among the games are Days Gone, MediEvil, and Friday the 13th. Here is the full list of games that have just been added to PS Now: Days Gone Friday the 13th MediEvil Rad Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Last year, … Read more

GameStop offering full refunds for some new game purchases

GameStop says that they will offer full refunds for new game purchases, although there are a few caveats. First, the game has to be returned within two days of the game’s launch. This means that new games outside of the launch window are ineligible. Second, the refund comes in the form of store credit, not … Read more