The Book of Boba Fett: Disney unveils first trailer

The Book of Boba Fett, the next big Star Wars series, will show us a little more of the wanderings and history of the great character Boba Fett. The world created by George Lucas continues to grow with the release of a new spin-off series in which we may discover more about Boba Fett and … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is giving away Disney+ 30-day free trial perks

Microsoft is once again making a Disney+ 30-day free trial available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Last year, the company gave away a free 30-day Disney+ trial as an Xbox Game Pass perk. Apparently, it was quite popular, so they are doing it yet again. Here are more details from Microsoft: Ultimate members will … Read more

Disney+ now has more than 100 million subscribers

Disney+ just passed an impressive milestone: 100 million paid subscribers worldwide. In comparison, Netflix has just over 200 million subscribers. Disney+ launched in November 2019, so it has been around for roughly a year and a half now. In that short period of time, Disney has managed to narrow the gap between the two streaming … Read more

Microsoft is giving away two Mandalorian-inspired custom Xbox controllers

Microsoft is celebrating the release of the second season of The Mandalorian with a set of custom Xbox controllers. Best of all, you can win them for free. In fact, this specific design is specifically for this unique giveaway. The one-of-a-kind controllers are not coming to retail stores. Obviously that’s really cool for the person … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks now include a 30-day Disney+ trial

Microsoft announced new perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers today. Specifically, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers gain access to a free 30-day Disney+ trial. There is one major caveat. The offer is limited to new Disney+ subscribers only. So if you’ve previously subscribed or used a different free trial offer, it doesn’t sound like this … Read more

Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X|S streaming apps

Microsoft has announced new details on the streaming options for Xbox Series X and S. “We know our players love to catch up on the latest shows or listen to their favorite artists on their Xbox consoles when they aren’t gaming,” Will Tuttle writes for Microsoft. “At Xbox, our goal is to make the transition … Read more

Sony reveals PS5 media remote, streaming apps

Sony today showed off a new media remote for their upcoming PlayStation 5 console. They also announced details on the platform’s streaming options. “At the launch of the PS5 console, there will be a new Media Remote to conveniently navigate and control the entertainment experience on PS5. Users can power on the PS5 console and … Read more