CrossCode, Endless Space 2, Downwell, and more leaving Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that several games are leaving Xbox Game Pass for console, cloud, and PC. Among them are Endless Space 2, Downwell, CrossCode, and more. Here are the games that are leaving later this month and when: July 14 EA Sports UFC (Console) EA Sports UFC 2 (Console) July 15 Endless Space 2 (PC) … Read more

Xbox Game Pass is getting Jackbox Party Pack 2, Downwell, and Slay the Spire

Microsoft announced today a number of new titles that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass in August. The games include Jackbox Party Pack 2, Downwell, and Slay the Spire. Ashes Cricket, Jackbox Party Pack 2, Pandemic, and Slay the Spire will be available to Xbox One console owners. Downwell and Space Hulk Tactics … Read more