Xenocider HD remaster announced

Released earlier this year for the Sega Dreamcast, the HD remaster of Xenocider is set for release on PC and consoles next year. Eastasiasoft is already gearing up for the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Among its offerings is a remaster of a game that hasn’t been on the market for long but was launched for … Read more

Gunlord X brings 2D run ‘n gun action to PS4 tomorrow

Eastasiasoft is bringing the 2D action-platformer Gunlord X to PS4 tomorrow in North America. A European release is scheduled for December 11. Gunlord X was originally released as an unlicensed game for Neo Geo and Sega Dreamcast. It comes from the German indie studio NGDEV. An improved version was released on the Nintendo Switch earlier … Read more

Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket Universe are out now on Apple Arcade

Sega has quietly released two new games in long-standing franchises. Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket! Universe are the company’s offerings for the just-launched Apple Arcade service. ChuChu Rocket! is something of a cult favorite. The game debuted on Dreamcast as the first online game for that platform. This year marks the ChuChu Rocket! franchise’s and … Read more

As Dreamcast turns 20, Peter Moore reflects on the iconic console’s enduring legacy

In a new interview, former Sega of America president Peter Moore reflects on the accomplishments and legacy of the Dreamcast, which turns 20 years old today. The Dreamcast launched in North America on this day twenty years ago with its “9/9/99” marketing campaign, kicking off a next-generation of gaming that would include Microsoft’s entry with … Read more

Fan Remakes Shenmue Dojo and Hazuki Residence Using Unreal Engine 4

Shenmue 3 was already announced at E3 but one committed fan has remade parts of the original game in HD. The Dojo and Hazuki Residence have been redone in HD using Unreal Engine 4. As you would expect from the Unreal engine, it comes with a remarkable amount of detail. Shenmue was originally released for … Read more