ESRB rating labels will now warn consumers about loot boxes

The ESRB has announced major changes to how it informs consumers, particularly parents. It’s a new label specifically for loot boxes on the cover of physical games. The new In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items) label helps consumers distinguish between different types of games. Parents will now be able to decipher between a game that offers … Read more

Racy horror game Lust for Darkness is getting toned-down version on Switch

Last year, the erotic horror game Lust for Darkness was pulled from Nintendo’s eShop. Due to its content, the ESRB slapped it with a post-release Adults Only rating. Now, the game’s developer is releasing a toned-down version for Switch. According to SimFabric, the latest version “tweaks” the controversial content and “reworks the most contentious assets.” … Read more