Fight Crab coming to Nintendo Switch via eShop in North America and Europe

Mastiff is bringing the physics-based, 3D action battle game Fight Crab to the Nintendo eShop for Switch in North America. Fight Crab is available to download on September 15 across North America, Europe, and Australia. We previously reported that a physical version of the game is available through Play Asia. Published by Mastiff and developed by Calappa Games, Fight Crab is an … Read more

Fight Crab is getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch

If you like ridiculous, over-the-top games, Fight Crab just might take the crab cake. As the name suggests, it’s a fighting game with crabs (the ocean variety). While the game does not have a confirmed release date in the West, a product listing on Play Asia’s website lists the expected ship date as August 20, … Read more