ARK: Survival Evolved free weekend starts today, TLC Pass #3 drops on Saturday

Get in on some free dino action this weekend. ARK: Survival Evolved is free to play on Steam starting today. The timing of the free weekend is good too. Starting on Saturday, the highly anticipated TLC Pass #3 drops. The update bringing new visuals and abilities for the Stegosaurus and Woolly Mammoth, along with insect … Read more

Free ARK: Survival Evolved Homestead update out now

The new Homestead update for ARK: Survival Evolved launched today for free. The Homestead update improves existing structures, adds new customizable building pieces with increased placement options, and simplifies the Kibble system for creature taming. The update is live across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. According to the developers at Studio Wildcard, the Homestead update … Read more