These Franchises Have No Bad Games

These five video game franchises have no bad games, and they have managed to deliver consistent and fun experiences with every entry. As with every form of media, even these franchises and their games have their share of flaws, and some people may dislike them. Many gamers agree that every one of the entries is … Read more

PC Games That Are Better With A Controller

Here are some great PC games that are better with a controller. In fact, one can say that they’re meant to be played with a controller. Because shooters and games that require precise aiming are obviously better with a keyboard and a mouse, those types of games won’t be included here. Elden Ring and the … Read more

10 Boss Themes that Made the Fight Better

A good boss soundtrack makes a fight with a powerful enemy all the more enjoyable and epic. Here are 10 Boss themes that made the fight better. Nowadays, almost anyone uses YouTube to listen to music, so I’ll link the mentioned tracks in each entry. This list is not ranked in any order. The Only … Read more

Why Elden Ring won Game of the Year over God of War: Ragnarök

Elden Ring

FromSoftware took the biggest award, but why? Last night we finally had the most awaited gala in the gaming industry: The Game Awards. All the speculations about who would win the awards have come to an end, leaving two clear winners in the different categories: Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök. But, the Game … Read more

God of War Ragnarök Review Roundup

God of War Ragnarök is not just one of the highest-rated games of 2022 but of all time. Santa Monica Studio’s launch of God of War Ragnarök is an unmitigated critical success. The game is receiving positive reviews across the board with some outlets even awarding it a perfect score. It’s not just small PlayStation … Read more