Gold Project raises $159,098 on Kickstarter

The karma-based Metroidvania game Gold Project is now fully funded. Indie developer Dreamirl exceeded their initial goal of $131,253 and raised $159,098 to fully fund the production of Gold Project on Kickstarter. That’s thanks to the support of 3,233 backers. After attaining two stretch goals, the finished game will now include new areas, new game modes, a new biome full of creatures, a new boss … Read more

Gold Project Kickstarter launches today

Indie game developers Dreamirl just launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund Gold Project. The karma-based Metroidvania game Gold Project is now live on Kickstarter. Get ready to experience a dark fantasy world made of pixel art. To progress in the game, you must choose between Gold and Light. These will define your path in this … Read more