Indie platformer Itorah launch window announced along with new developer diary

Grimbart Tales has announced that its debut platformer, Itorah, will be available on Steam early next year. The news follows its premiere at this year’s Steam Next Fest. This Mesoamerican-inspired platformer with gorgeous hand-drawn backgrounds offers a compelling proposal for platformer aficionados. Embark on a journey in Nahucan In Itorah, a plague-like veil of evil … Read more

Itorah is a Mesoamerican action platformer coming to Steam Next Fest

The new Mesoamerican-inspired action platformer Itorah will debut its demo showcasing a vivid, hand-painted 2D title with Metroidvania elements. Assemble Entertainment and Grimbart Tales announced today that their next project, Itorah, would launch a new playable demo at the Steam Next Fest. Itorah is a vibrant, hand-painted 2D platformer with streamlined Metroidvania features inspired by … Read more