Top PS5 and PS4 game downloads on PlayStation Store in January 2021

We’re now in February, and that means that we now know the top game downloads on PlayStation Store in January 2021. As the second full month for PlayStation 5, it was relatively quiet in terms of new releases. Only two new PS5 games made it into the top 20 this month. Square Enix’s Hitman 3 … Read more

Is Sony (or anyone) developing new PSVR games for PS5?

Sony confirms that there are not currently any announced PS5 games with support for PlayStation VR. One of the perks of the PS5 is that the system has a smoother transition from current-gen to next-gen than the transition from PS3 to PS4. The PS4 does not support PS3 game backward compatibility. The PlayStation 5, however, … Read more

Hitman 3 confirmed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X

First shown during Sony’s PS5 reveal event, IO Interactive has confirmed that Hitman 3 is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. In a blog post, Travis Barbour – the Communications Manager at IO Interactive – made the announcement. He added that this game will conclude the series’ latest trilogy. IO rebooted the long-running … Read more