Sunshine Manor is a 2D horror action RPG coming soon to Steam

Get ready to be submerged into a horrifying mystery around the Camp Sunshine massacre. Fossil Games and independent game publisher Hound Picked Games announced today that Sunshine Manor, a true throwback ’80s horror-movie-inspired gem, will be published on PC via Steam on October 28, 2021. A pixel art horror action RPG Players take on the … Read more

Twin-stick shoot ’em up HyperParasite out now

The rogue-lite twin-stick shoot ’em up HyperParasite is out today. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. HyperParasite is described as a “fresh take” on the twin-stick shooter genre. The developers describe it as a cross between Broforce and Enter the Gungeon. It features slick, fast-paced action. Oh, and it has … Read more