The Super Mario Bros. Movie box office haul tops $1.349 billion

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo’s success goes way beyond the video game industry now. As is well known, this year finally saw the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, an animated version of Nintendo’s popular franchise. Despite some of the criticism received by fans of the game – and let’s be real, fans love to complain – the … Read more

Jack Black as Bowser is the best thing about The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie debuted over the weekend. Despite receiving mixed reviews, I went to go see The Super Mario Bros. Movie over the weekend. To my pleasant surprise, it was actually pretty good. No, it’s not going to win any awards at next year’s Oscars, but the film does what it set out … Read more

Minions arrive in Minecraft again as a new DLC update

Minions has gone from being a blockbuster this 4th of July weekend to a hit once again in Minecraft. Illumination and Universal Pictures thought that the minions would be successful worldwide. In fact, the little yellow creatures have collaborated with countless brands and franchises. It’s one that is repeated this year after the release of … Read more

Super Mario Bros. animated movie delayed until 2023

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for Chris Pratt as Mario. Even though it was previously announced for release in 2022, the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie is not coming out until 2023. The film is under the direction of Illumination, which has created other animated hits like Despicable Me. So fans were … Read more