Intruder in Antiquonia launches on PC

Indie developer Aruma Studios has released the adventure game Intruder in Antiquonia. The husband-and-wife indie developer Aruma Studios is out with its first game. This traditional 2D point-and-click adventure game has high-resolution images created by professional illustrators. As we previously reported, the narrative is set in the current day. The protagonist, Sarah, is discovered laying on … Read more

Intruder in Antiquonia is coming soon to Steam

Intruder in Antiquonia is the first full-length adventure from indie developer Aruma Studios. Aruma Studios, a Spanish indie studio founded by Silvia and Rubén, has released a Steam page and a teaser video for their debut adventure game, Intruder in Antiquonia. Are you ready to investigate the beautiful realm of Intruder in Antiquonia and uncover … Read more