Daymare: 1998 Review

Daymare: 1998 was originally conceived as a fan-made Resident Evil 2 remake from Invader Studios. Its evolution into a standalone game with a story spanning three perspectives is highly impressive. Sadly, that’s where the platitudes end as it arrives on PS4 and Xbox One. The game seeks to serve as an homage to ’80s and … Read more

The original voice actor of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2, Paul Haddad, has died

Paul Haddad has died at the age of 56. The voice actor played Leon Kennedy in the PlayStation classic Resident Evil 2. Invader Studios memorialized Haddad in a tweet posted on Friday morning. Haddad recently worked with the studio on Daymare: 1998, a survival horror game that pays homage to games like Resident Evil 2. … Read more