Recapturing the story: The best interactive narrative experiences in games

Video games can provide an excellent entertainment experience, but some really go out of their way to tell a story that captures the player’s attention. The story can be every bit as engaging as the gameplay itself. These relatively recent games prove that without a doubt. Hades A rogue-like excursion into Greek myth, the player … Read more

Play at Home: Sony offers Uncharted, Journey for free

Sony is encouraging its fans to stay at home with their new Play at Home campaign. And as part of it, they are giving away two free games. Sony is offering fans free copies of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey on PS4. The digital downloads will be available starting on April 15 at … Read more

Journey is coming to Steam in June

The beautiful adventure game Journey is heading to Steam. Originally released on PS3, Journey was later ported to PS4 with an HD re-release. Given that the game had become closely associated with the PlayStation brand, it made a somewhat surprising jump to the PC as well as iPhone and other iOS devices. However, the PC … Read more

Journey is out now on iPhone and other iOS devices

Few games in recent memory have left an indelible impression with me. One of them is Journey, the PS3 adventure game that was ported to PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store. It’s now available on iOS devices as well. “Journey is less like a traditional game and more like an interactive work of art,” … Read more

Journey Review

Wind instruments play softly as the camera pans over a wind-swept sand dune before peering into the distant sun. String instruments crescendo as a sand storm covers what appear to be long-forgotten tombstones. The environment is harsh and remote with no signs of life. Suddenly a shooting star sweeps across the sky. A robed figure … Read more