Just Dance 2020 out now, marking ten years of top-selling dancing franchise

Just Dance 2020 is out today on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii. It will launch on November 19 for Google Stadia. And, yes, you read correctly. Just Dance 2020 is available on the Nintendo Wii. The Just Dance franchise has, for the past several years, single-handedly kept the Nintendo Wii alive. The game … Read more

Just Dance is single-handedly keeping the Nintendo Wii alive

Nintendo launched a motion-control console named the Wii way back in 2006. Nearly thirteen years later, developers have abandoned the top-selling console of its generation… except for Ubisoft, which is still making Just Dance games for the system. Ubisoft confirmed during E3 that Just Dance 2020 is coming out this year for Nintendo Switch, PS4, … Read more