Pre-orders open for Kazuma Kiryu statue from the Yakuza games at Just Geek

Kiryu kazuma justgeek

Fans of the Yakuza series have been craving this statue. When it comes to statues, Just Geek is one of the best websites on the internet. You can find statues with an incredible quality for a good price. Because of this, so many video game fans come here to get their hands on all kinds … Read more

Limited edition Resident Evil Nemesis statue coming to Just Geek

Nemesis statue

With his creepy but imposing appearance, Nemesis arrives with an incredible statue. Just Geek has always brought us quality Resident Evil merchandise – from amazing adaptations of iconic characters with TUBZZ to clothing with key elements of the franchise. Today, we bring you some great news. Nemesis, from Resident Evil 3, is coming to Just … Read more

Kratos and Joel from God of War and Last of Us are getting Tubbz, pre-orders open at Just Geek

TUBBZ Kratos and Joel

Ready to quack some Numskulls with the new Kratos and Joel Tubbz? If you know a little about the world of collectibles, of course, you’ve heard of the TUBBZ. These collectibles of different game characters in the shape of ducks have won the hearts of many gamers. As such, the new TUBBZ figures at Just … Read more

Crash Bandicoot collectibles are up to 70% off at Just Geek

Just Geek announces via its official Twitter account that Crash Bandicoot collectibles are restocked with a discount of up to 70% off! If you’ve ever wanted to acquire some really great Crash Bandicoot gear but thought it was too expensive or you were broke, you can now take advantage of this sitewide discount deal and … Read more

Just Geek has a new limited edition statue of Tyrant from Resident Evil

A terrifying statue for diehard Resident Evil fans. Just Geek is back on the scene. This time they bring us a statue of Tyrant, the creepy creature straight out of the Resident Evil franchise. With incredible detail, this new Tyrant statue is an excellent figure to have in your gaming room, living room, or even … Read more

Resident Evil Licker Limited Edition Statue pre-orders open at Just Geek

Licker Resident Evil

With a high level of detail, this is the perfect statue for hardcore Resident Evil fans. If we talk about the Resident Evil saga, characters like Leon, Jill, Claire, or Chris Redfield quickly come to mind, but there are many characters that go unnoticed that have been very important. The Licker is an enemy known … Read more

Destiny 2 limited edition Savathûn the Witch Queen statue pre-orders open

Witch Queen Destiny

With the arrival of the new Destiny 2 expansion comes perhaps one of the most detailed limited edition figures of the game. Numskull Design, Bungie, and Just Geek have joined up once again to deliver Destiny 2 fans another fantastic statue. Savathûn the Witch Queen, the deceptive Hive God behind some of Destiny 2‘s worst … Read more

Pre-order the new Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy 1:4 scale figure at Just Geek

Batman scale figure Just Geek

A new Batman figure celebrates the Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan era. This collectible figure isn’t cheap though. Just Geek kicks off the year teaming with Hot Toys to deliver the new DC Comics Batman: The Dark Knight figure to fans. Hot Toys presents a collectible figure inspired by Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster trilogy, which includes … Read more

Just Geek’s Winter Sale is now live

Winter Sale Just Geek

Whether it’s a mug, high socks, hoodies, Tubbz, or an ugly sweater, everything is on discount. Christmas isn’t over just yet! The Just Geek Winter Sale is live. Of all the online merchandising stores, Just Geek brings us perhaps the most extensive catalog of discounted products with more than 1000 items just for geeks. If … Read more

Just Geek has a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters for gamers

Christmas is almost here, and so are the ugly sweaters from Just Geek. Just Geek loves to celebrate the holiday season in style, from exclusive merchandise from your favorite series, movies or video games, to unique Tubbz with costumes of our favorite characters. Despite all this, there is a collection of items that stands out … Read more

Sonic the Hedgehog ugly Christmas sweaters and merch listed at Just Geek

The Christmas season is approaching. That means ugly sweaters – including ugly Sonic the Hedgehog sweaters. Just Geek has always taken the Christmas season seriously, delivering seasonal goods that gamers appreciate year after year. This time, the video game and movie goods company introduces three new ugly sweaters, as well as two new products ideal … Read more

Just Geek celebrates Halo’s 20th anniversary with limited edition merch

We are just over a month away from the 20th anniversary of Halo, and the release of Halo Infinite is not long after that. Just Geek is celebrating with new merch for fans. Halo is one of the most successful video game franchises in history. Microsoft has a lot to thank Halo and Bungie for … Read more

4 new Destiny plushes are available now at Just Geek

The Servitor, Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde-6 are the new additions to the Destiny collection. The Fallen Baby plush designed by Numskull has been a total hit at Just Geek. These adorable but dangerous babies, as always, are some of the most beloved characters by fans and have the most play merchandise. Today, four new plushies … Read more

The iconic Lord Shaxx helmet from Destiny 2 is now available at Just Geek

Fans will rejoice with the new Lord Shaxx helmet from Bungie’s iconic game Destiny 2. Just Geek’s Destiny product catalog has been updated with a new collectible item. Numskull has collaborated with Bungie once more to bring us the famous Lord Shaxx helmet, a copy of which can be found in Destiny. Lord Shaxx, the … Read more

New Doom collectible figures are available now at Just Geek

Baron of Hell and Archville are the newest additions to the Doom collection at Just Geek. Just Geek is on a roll with the amount of video game and franchise merchandise it is adding to its website, such as the Fallen Baby plush or the Eris Morn figure from Destiny 2, but the king within … Read more

Destiny 2 Fallen Baby plushies are now available for pre-order at Just Geek

Just Geek wants to please Destiny 2 fans once again. This time they bring us Fallen Baby plushies that radiate cuteness. Despite a large number of announcements about game releases and new seasons of games that are in everyone’s hands today, Destiny continues to collect fans. The Fallen Babies have stolen their hearts. Just Geek … Read more

Sonic the Hedgehog: Japanese Range is now available on Just Geek

This time, Just Geek transports us directly to Shinagawa with a small collection of Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog art. Just Geek is gaining ground in the video game industry’s merchandise market. They have official merchandise such as the Sega Classic Sonic Knitted Christmas Jumper and Sonic socks. But not only do they have the speedy … Read more

Destiny 2’s Fallen Baby merch coming to Just Geek

After Bungie revealed the current season of Destiny 2 content in May, the game’s new Fallen Babies have become the center of attention in the Destiny world. Just Geek has included them in new Destiny merch. The Baby Fallen first appeared in Season of the Splicer, but they’ve captured the hearts of Destiny 2 players … Read more