Let’s Try Disney Speedstorm

Disney’s Mario Kart is finally coming to Early Access. Disney, even though they don’t seem to be very present in video games, is starting to make its impact known. Since practically the beginning of video games, Disney has always tried to bring our favorite characters from their movies to video games. This year alone, they … Read more

Super Nintendo World opens in early 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

You will soon feel the adrenaline of a Mario Kart race in the world’s largest interactive ride. Since the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan (which we previously covered here on Game Freaks 365), it was only a matter of time before it came to the United States. After a long … Read more

New Year’s 2022 is already here in Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo continues to bet on the mobile version of Mario Kart. Nintendo has revealed what we can expect from the New Year’s 2022 Tour, which debuted today in Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of the Mario Kart game series. The game’s new content includes Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart 7 and Meowser from Super … Read more

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit receives free update 2.0

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit players will be able to enjoy different new game modes on the same Switch console. Being a technology that was probably a bit ahead of its time, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has remained in the shadow of most Nintendo releases since its introduction. That’s not only due to its … Read more

Mario Kart Tour is getting multiplayer next week

Remember Mario Kart Tour? Nintendo’s mobile-only racing game for Android and iOS devices is finally getting multiplayer. The company announced in a tweet that Mario Kart Tour‘s long-awaited online multiplayer will go live on March 8. Nintendo has been updating the racing game every few weeks. Here are more details on how the multiplayer will … Read more

Mario Kart Tour travels to Tokyo in latest game update

Nintendo has added the Tokyo Tour to the mobile-only Mario Kart Tour. The new course is Tokyo Blur T. It’s a dense urban course set in the middle of Japan’s capital. You can see the iconic Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji in the background. Aside from a new Tokyo-themed course, Nintendo has added Peach in … Read more

Five simple tips to get the most out of Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour just launched on Android and iOS devices. Nintendo’s latest mobile offering is causing consternation among fans over microtransactions and unusual controls. Thankfully, the game is salvageable – even enjoyable – with a few adjustments. Here are five tips to improve your performance in individual races and most efficiently unlock new content without … Read more

Mario Kart Tour is out today on iOS and Android

Nintendo is leaning in on mobile games. Mario Kart Tour, out today, is their latest game to come to Android and iOS devices. As we reported in August, the free-to-play mobile game has been in closed beta in select countries for Android. Now that it’s out, we know that you can play the 50cc, 100cc, … Read more

Mario Kart Tour lands on Android and iOS on September 25

Nintendo has confirmed the release date for Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS. The free-to-play mobile game will launch on September 25. The game has been in closed beta in select countries for Android. The game reportedly has a lot of microtransactions for things like unlocking characters. Mario Kart Tour will be the third … Read more