Minecraft Guide: How to mine


Join us on this quick guide to learn how to mine and get the most ore and blocks in each adventure. Minecraft is an amazing video game for all players. It’s a game that lets you build whatever you want, however you want. You can play with friends, build a house, or even just explore … Read more

Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Explorers map coming with New Year’s Celebration

Caves & Cliffs Explorers takes the latest Minecraft update to another level. The new year is quickly approaching, and our friend Sofia Dankis from Mojang just stated that to commemorate the conclusion of this fantastic year for Minecraft, a new map named Caves & Cliffs Explorers will be released by Spark Universe. If you haven’t … Read more

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II out now

The second part of this ambitious Minecraft update that had to be split into two parts presents new biomes, taller mountains, and larger caves to explore. Version 1.18, known as Caves & Cliffs Part II, is now available in Minecraft. Although Part I introduces us to many of the new features that this new update … Read more