Xeno Crisis, Prison Architect, and more leaving Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that several games are leaving Xbox Game Pass for console, cloud, and PC. Among them are Xeno Crisis, Prison Architect, and more. Here are the games that are leaving later this month and when: January 15 Cyber Shadow (Cloud, Console, and PC) Nowhere Prophet (Cloud, Console, and PC) Prison Architect (PC) Xeno Crisis (Cloud, Console, and … Read more

Spiritfarer, Bridge Constructor Portal, and more get touch controls on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has added touch control support for several Xbox Game Pass titles for Android, including Bridge Constructor Portal, Spiritfarer, and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have access to the cloud-enabled titles on their Android devices with all-new touch controls. The titles that now support touch controls include: Bridge Constructor Portal … Read more

Grounded, Nowhere Prophet now available on Xbox Game Pass

Two new games have been added to Xbox Game Pass: Grounded and Nowhere Prophet. Grounded is a survival adventure game from developer Obsidian. The game is currently in Early Access. Meanwhile, Nowhere Prophet is a deckbuilding card game with an Indian flavor. The games were previously confirmed for the service. Here are more details on … Read more