Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn kicks off Year 5 final season

Operation Neon Dawn kicks off Rainbow Six Siege Year 5’s final season today. The new season brings a brand-new operator, the rework of the Skyscraper map as well as new accessibility settings. Owners of the Year 5 Pass can play with Aruni immediately. Other players can unlock her with Renown or R6 Credits starting December … Read more

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn details revealed

Ubisoft has announced full details for the fourth season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5: Operation Neon Dawn. The new season introduces the first Thai Operator on the Rainbow Six Team, Aruni. In addition, there’s an entirely reworked Skyscraper map, new accessibility features, and the new Sixth Guardian Program. Here are more details from Ubisoft: … Read more