Saints Row Developer Volition Closes as Part of Embracer Group Restructuring


Despite the launch of Starfield, today is a sad day for the video game industry. At a time when we see more and more companies developing games, it is always bad news to see some of them leave the industry. Volition, the company behind games like Saints Row and Red Faction, is closing its doors. … Read more

8 Coolest Xbox Games

Here are the coolest Xbox games that allow you to perform a variety of over-the-top actions or that have badass moments throughout. These eight games are ones that make the player feel like a badass, and some of these games contain things that are not very realistic. 8. Saints Row IV Saints Row IV is … Read more

Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine are free at Epic Games Store. The free game offers run until December 15 at 11 AM Eastern. Once you claim them, they’re yours to keep. Saints Row IV Re-Elected comes from developer Volition. Here’s a description of the game from EGS: You’re the President … Read more

Saints Row IV crossplay is coming to PC and all copies are getting upgraded to Re-Elected

Deep Silver has a Christmas gift for Saints Row IV players on PC. If you thought that Volition was done with Saints Row IV, well, you were wrong. The game is almost a decade old now, but they are still keeping it active with new updates. The latest update adds Saints Row IV crossplay on … Read more

Metro 2033 Redux, Saints Row IV, Felix the Reaper leaving Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that several games, including Metro 2033 Redux, are leaving Xbox Game Pass for console and PC on October 15. Here are the games that are leaving: Felix the Reaper (Console & PC) Metro 2033 Redux (Console & PC) Minit (Console & PC) Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PC) State of Mind (PC) If you haven’t beaten these games, … Read more

Saints Row IV Re-Elected coming to Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver today confirmed that Saints Row IV Re-Elected is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 27. The open-world action game from Volition was first released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013. It was later ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. This will be the first time that it appears on a … Read more