Sheltered 2 is available today on PC

Venture into the wasteland in Sheltered 2, Unicube’s strategic survival game. Sheltered 2, a new resource management survival game by Team17 and Unicube Studios, was released on PC today. As we previously said on Game Freaks 365, Sheltered 2 expands on the previous game, introducing new difficulties, more strategic gameplay, and the ever-present fear of … Read more

Sheltered 2 is going to be released on Steam next month

Sheltered 2 now has a release date. The resource management survival sequel will have new challenges and more strategic gameplay. Sheltered 2 has been announced by Team 17 and Unicube Studios. The game places players in a post-apocalyptic scene and challenges them to survive the horrors that lie at the end of the world. This … Read more