Best Random Encounters in Skyrim

Here are some of the best random encounters in Skyrim. In this list, I have included events that complement the lore and the stories of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Each and every one of these is unique, and I only will include a few that I think are the best. Babette sneaks out for … Read more

Noblest Characters in Skyrim

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Best Books to Read in Skyrim

These are some of the best books to read in Skyrim. Tamriel is home to many acclaimed authors and reading their work immerses you all the more. The works of literature on this list are not skill books or those that give you new quests. These are simply some of the most interesting and beautiful … Read more

Why is Braith so annoying in Skyrim?

Why is Braith so annoying in Skyrim? I recently wrote an article about the most annoying characters in the game, and Braith was one of them. But there actually may be a reason for the child to be so antagonistic towards everyone. Let’s try and understand Braith and maybe we’ll be able to sympathize with … Read more

How to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim

In this guide for the Elder Scrolls V, let’s discuss how to become a Master Blacksmith fast in Skyrim. The purpose of this guide is to try and reach level 100 in Smithing without cheating or glitching. First places to go After escaping Helgen, make your way to Riverwood, as you do in every playthrough. … Read more

The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

Skyrim is home to many people. Some are good, others, not so much. These are the most annoying characters in Skyrim that we can’t help but torment. By torment, I mean attempting to attack or even dispatch these dumb NPCs just because they’re so annoying. Nazeem Do you get to the Cloud District very often? … Read more

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10 Most Beautiful Locations in Skyrim

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Characters with Dark Secrets in Skyrim

The harsh but beautiful province of Skyrim is home to many interesting characters with different personalities. Some of these people hide rather sinister and dark secrets from the Dragonborn and other characters. In this list, we count down five characters with dark secrets in Skyrim. Editor’s Note: Obviously, this article contains The Elder Scrolls V: … Read more