Xbox streaming app may soon be built into smart TVs

What if you didn’t need to own an Xbox console to play Xbox games? Thanks to Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can already play on your Android smartphone without a console. Soon, you may be able to play directly on a smart TV. And it could come sooner than you think. Microsoft’s … Read more

Dr. Mario World update adds amusement park world, baby doctors, new assistants

Nintendo has released another new update for their mobile-only puzzle game Dr. Mario World, adding a new world, new doctors, and new assistants. The new world, World 7, is an amusement park theme “littered with meddlesome viruses and tricky stages.” So far, only stages 241 to 260 have been unlocked. The new doctors include a … Read more

Pokemon RPG confirmed for 2019 on Switch; Pokemon Quest out now

We don’t know a lot about Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon RPG for the Switch, but we do know that it’s coming in 2019 and is part of the “core” series. In other words, expect something more along the lines of X and Y rather than some of the Pokemon spin-offs. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know … Read more